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Our Design Support Bringing Your Concept to Reality



How does Moldrite take your part design and seamlessly convert it from 3D concept to production. 

We have the processes and procedures in place to take your project to completion using the following steps.







  1. Part design review
    • We will review your part for mold-ability focusing on the follow common issues

      • Draft
      • Undercuts
      • Wall thickness
      • Sink
      • Fill issues
      • Warp
  2. CAE (computer aided engineering)

    • Utilizing Moldex 3D true 3D CAE for injection molding to give you an insight into the actual injection process. Changes can be made based on the report up front before tooling is started.
  3. Rapid prototyping

    • We can produce rapid prototypes made from ABS so you can get a hands on feel of your part before it goes to production.
  4. Injection mold tooling

    • Moldrite has in house tooling to produce injection molds as well as US and off shore vendors.
    • Tool design review is used to identify all critical tooling details.
  5. First run parts

    • Sample parts will be delivered to you for inspection prior to production.
  6. Dimensional analysis

    • A dimensional analysis of specified dimension on your first run parts will be supplied along with the samples.
  7. Production

  8. In this Global Economy we routinely ship products anywhere in the world

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