Proprietary Products Catalog

Grommets, Caps & Liners

1000 Series Grommet
1" hole, 1-1/8" overall

The solution to the telephone problem. The least obtrusive way to handle all those small phone cords. Accommodates AT&T Merlin and all current modular phone systems. Even though it's little, it can accept cords up to 13/16" in diameter.

2000 Series Grommet
1-3/4" hole, 2" overall

Appearance, utility, and economy make this our most popular grommet. It will accommodate most telephone connectors and office machine plugs. Fits plugs up to 1-5/8".

2500 Series Solid Cap
1-5/8" hole, 2" overall

Why would you need a solid cap? We don't know, but our customers request them.

3000 Series Grommet
2-1/2" hole, 3" overall

Specially designed to accommodate computer and peripheral plugs, as well as oversized telephone connectors and business machine plugs. Fits plugs up to 2-1/4", well suited for most computer uses.

3500 Series Grommet
3-1/4" x 1-3/4" hole, 3-1/2" x 2" overall

The ultimate solution to the problem of oversized cords. The oval shape makes it not only very attractive but able to accept up to a 3" wide plug. The cap has the added feature of having an opening at both ends, so it can handle multiple cords!

6000 Liner
6" hole, 6-3/4" overall

Another direct result of customer demand. The size of this grommet makes it ideal for applications ranging from mass cord coordination to trash receptacle liners for home or business use.

Separate Cap and Liner

Generally sold as a set, all of our caps and liners are also available separately if you wish. When you order separately, just specify the part number and cap -1, or liner -0. (Example: 2000-1 to order the 2000 Series Cap only, or 2000-0 to order 2000 Series Liner only.)

Shelf Supports & Picture Hangers

5100 Standard Shelf Support

Available in black, white, buckskin, and clear. Fits in a 1/4" hole.

5120 "L" Shelf Support

Offsets the shelf from the side of the cabinet. Fits in a 1/4" hole.

5140 Shelf Support Clip

Firmly holds the shelf in place. Can reduce damage in shipping. Designed for use with up to 1/2" shelving. Fits in a 1/4" hole.

5400 Picture Hanger

We developed this picture hanger for moderate to heavy usage. Features self-centering design. Can also be used to connect modular furniture assemblies.

5410 Hanger Brackets

These heavy duty brackets are designed to hold very heavy items. Sold as a set including one left and right bracket.

Drawer Management System

The answer to those unruly drawer problems!
6210 Drawer Divider Clip
6200 Hanging Divider
6220 Short Hanging Divider
6230 Long Hanging Divider
Drawer Divider Clips

Drawer divider clips use a spring loaded design to firmly hold the divider panel in place. By simply sliding the clip to the desired divider location, the organization and versatility of the drawer is increased. Hanging dividers do not require the use of saws or tools. The two new sizes remove any limitations posed by drawer depth.

6100 Hanging File Bar Holder
6120 Screw Mounted File Bar Holder
6130 90 Degree File Bar Holder
File Bar Holders

All File Bar Holders accommodate standard size file bars. The hanging version can turn a drawer into a file cabinet by simply clipping over the side. The 90-degree File Bar Holder slides over an existing file bar, allowing you to make legal-, letter- or other-size files.

6140 File Rod Holder

Not to be confused with the File Bar Holder, this is a file rod holder, meant for use with a round file rod. The File Rod Holder measures 1" x 3/4".

6320 Pencil Tray Holder

Designed with a spring-loaded feature to prevent it from falling out of place like those annoying wood versions. Available in brown or black.

Mirror & Cabinet Hardware

5611 Mirror Pull

We designed this pull to be as unobtrusive as possible (the clear version used in medicine cabinets is nearly invisible). Available in clear, white, black, and gray polycarbonate.

5610 1" Finger Pull

Form and function come together in this finger pull. Effective and attractive in cabinets, sliding doors, or anywhere a finger hold is needed. Available in white and black.

5620 Bumper

Available in a variety of materials to meet your requirements. Supplied without screws.

5630 Bushing

Available in black. Measures 3/8" x 1/2".

5640 False Drawer Front Clip

Simply screw in place and this clip adjusts to accommodate unevenness in installation. Once installed, one quick "snap" attaches the false drawer cover to the front of kitchen cabinets. It can be removed easily. Measures 1" x 1" x 5/8".

Braces, Protectors & Plugs

At Mold Rite we offer four versatile options in braces, from the 3/4" angle to the sturdy corner brace. We also plugs to work from the key hole size up to the large 3/4" plug.
5200 3/4" Angle Bracket

A very sturdy brace. Use it anywhere extra strength is required. Extra thick walls designed for use with screws. As the name implies, it is 3/4" long, 3/4" wide.

5210 Shelf Brace

This shelf brace can be stapled, glued, or screwed in place. Installed in kitchen cabinets, it prevents the center of the shelves from sagging. It measures 1-15/16" long x 1/2" x 1/2".

5230 Corner Brace

This is the brace used by many cabinet manufacturers. Install to the frame by staple or screw, then screw it to the countertop. It measures 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 3/4".

5240 Corner Protector

Saves the corners of objects in transit.


Hole plugs in four different sizes.

5300 - 3/8" hole, 1/2" overall, 9/16" deep
5310 - 1/2" hole, 5/8" overall, 1/4" deep
5320 - 1/2" hole, 5/8" overall, 7/16" deep
5340 - 5/8" hole, 3/4" overall, 7/16" deep